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Hello DNS


Hello DNS is a project to write a easy to read/understand summary of the DNS specification. It provides an entrypoint to understand DNS given that the full DNS specification is easily 2000 pages in size.

Python Format String Syntax

Cheatsheet | Python

Format string overview for the old and new format string syntax in Python. It shows for each thing you might want to perform, the old syntax (if existing), the new syntax and the output.

Real Python


Contains a comprehesive list of tutorials, ranging from beginner to advanced. Moreover, it contains community interviews with well-known Python users, a list of Python books and quizzes.

Rust Cookbook

Cheatsheet | Rust

The Rust Cookbook describes tiny common tasks you might want to do and shows how to solve them in Rust. It introduces many usefull crates, which are widespread in the Rust ecosystem, but can also be used to look up solutions to common problems.

Task-centered iproute2 user guide

Cheatsheet | Networks

Userguide for the newer ip command under Linux. The guide consists of different tasks one might want to perform and their corresponding ip commands.

Tcpdump advanced filters

Cheatsheet | Networks | Tools

The website contains different tcpdump filters. It starts with basic filters and then builds up ever more complex ones. This is a good source for looking up complicated filters, if one does not want to write them themself.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python!


A practical, continuously updated, handbook which provides insight into how to use Python, both as a beginner and as an expert.