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Test the quality of a client's SSL/TLS stack. The website shows sites which should fail or pass. Sites which fail but do not on the browser viewing are a risiko.

DNS Privacy Project

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The DNS Privacy Project aims to improve privacy for users on the Internet.

The project is split into different groups working on DNS privacy:

The project focusses mostly on DNS over TLS. They provide overviews for the implementation status, configuration for test servers, and ongoing server monitoring which features they provide.

mitmproxy - an interactive HTTPS proxy

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Proxy framework for performing MitM attacks/transformations. Provides a Python APi for scriptability

Mozilla Observatory

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Website quality measurement tool. The website measures the quality of HTTP headers which improve security. Additionally, it provides inspections for the TLS certificate and SSH servers. It also includes many third party tools.

Mozilla TLS Configuration Generator


Create variable TLS configurations for all major webservers. It is specialized for each webserver and server version. The configurations supports different TLS configurations, depending on the needed support for old clients.

Qualys SSL Labs

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Test the quality of a server's or a client's SSL/TLS stack. Very useful to test a server. Provides a A-F rating scheme and shows vulnerabilities and weak protocols/cipher suites.

SSLsplit - transparent SSL/TLS interception

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Simple TLS proxy.