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C2Rust is a project for converting (legacy) C code into equivalent Rust code. The resulting Rust code is very low level and uses pointers and unsafe. The website offers an online demo to show the capabilities of the tool.

List of JSON to Struct Converters

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These websites provide tools, which convert JSON data to structs in different programming languages.

Pin and suffering

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In the Pin and suffering article, the author fasterthanlime explains how to implement async functions in Rust. The article starts by implementing an async function and the problem of calling blocking functions. It continues with instructions on how to work with Pin and Unpin futures. At the end, the article explains how all of the above can be done without using the syntactic sugar of async functions.

Rust Atomics andĀ Locks

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The "Rust Atomics and Locks" book by Mara Bos provides in great detail information about concurrent programming in Rust. It starts with the concurrent programming concepts available in Rust. On this basis, atomics, locks, and channels are explained by builing a new one. At the end, it also covers processor and operating system details.

Rust Cheat Sheets

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Tour of Rust

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Welcome to the Tour of Rust. This is meant to be a step-by-step guide through the features of the Rust programming language. Rust is often considered a language with a steep learning curve, but I hope I can convince you there's a lot to explore before we even get to complex parts.

The Tour of Rust is available in many languages.

Rust | Tutorial is an interactive playground to explore the syntax of the Rust Programming Language.

You can write any Rust code in the editor and the analyzer will allow you to click/tap on different keywords, punctuation elements and other bits of code and help you understand what they mean.