All about Paper Writing

Academic Writing


The website focusses on academic writing in English. It covers four elemental language topics: cohesion, grammar, punctuation, and style.

Arxiv Vanity


Watch Arxiv-papers on as a website.

Computer Security Conference Ranking and Statistic

Datasets | Security

This website offers a ranking of many computer security conferences. The ranking is accompanied by a yearly acceptance ratio statistic.

Empirical Evaluation Guidelines


The SIGPLAN Empirical Evaluation Checklist provides guidelines how good evaluations should be structured and explained with a focus on the programming language research community. However, the concepts are transferable to other disciplines as well.

IETF Officiel RFC Bibtex Downloads

Datasets | TeX

The IETF now provides official bibtexs to download. They work for RFCs, BCPs, and drafts.

The bibtex for BCPs work, but only, if the BCP consist of a single RFC. If the BCP consists of multiple RFCs, the bibtex will only show the first one.

For drafts, the draft version number, the last two digits, have to be removed from the URL.


Available entries can be found in the RFC Index and the BCP Index.

LaTeX: Tips and Tricks for Writing Scientific Papers


The GitHub repository contains lots and lots of information about scientific paper writing in LaTeX. It lists different tools and packages which you might want to use.

System Security Cirrcus

Datasets | Security

The System Security Cirrcus by Davide Balzarotti presents many statistics about the Top-4 security conferences, such as authors and affiliations.