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Der Deutschlandatlas: Deutschland neu vermessen


These 50 maps show the difference between regions in Germany. They show which regions are set up well and which are lacking behind. The maps show population, work, health care, infrastructure, and more.

Hurricane Electric Submarine Cable Map

Datasets | Networks

3D map showing submarine cables and the backbone network of Hurricane Electric.

Internet Maps (RIPE NCC)

Datasets | DNS | Networks

Maps of measurements done with the RIPE Atlas.


BGP | Datasets | Networks | Tools

IP geolocation services feeding itself from geolocation databases, user provided locations, and most importantly active RTT measurements based on the RIPE Atlas system. It also provides a nice API to query the location. It provides a breakdown on where the results stem from and how much they contribute to the overall result.

TeleGeography Map Gallery

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TeleGeography provides different maps about the Internet. They contain information about submarine cables, global traffic volume, latency, internet exchange points. The data for the Submarine Map and the Internet Exchange Map can also be found on GitHub in text format.