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Academic Writing

Paper Writing

The website focusses on academic writing in English. It covers four elemental language topics: cohesion, grammar, punctuation, and style.

AVR Instruction Set

CTF | Datasets

This websites provide reference documentation of the AVR instruction set, which is used for Arduino boards.

Elements of Rust by Ferrous Systems


A collection of software engineering techniques for effectively expressing intent with Rust.

The repository contains some problems which can be encountered with Rust and explains some solutions for them.

Empirical Evaluation Guidelines

Paper Writing

The SIGPLAN Empirical Evaluation Checklist provides guidelines how good evaluations should be structured and explained with a focus on the programming language research community. However, the concepts are transferable to other disciplines as well.



explainshell does what the name suggest: it explains shell commands. It allows to write a shell command and it expains what the program is doing, the meaning of the command line flags, and how the pipeing between different programs works.

IP Command Cheatsheet

Networks | Tutorials

The cheatsheet describes in few words what the different subcommands of ip do. It includes some other helpful networking commands for arping, ethtool, and ss, and provides a comparison with the older net-tools commands.

LaTeX: Tips and Tricks for Writing Scientific Papers

Paper Writing

The GitHub repository contains lots and lots of information about scientific paper writing in LaTeX. It lists different tools and packages which you might want to use.

Let's get Rusty


The cheat sheet shows in many code snippet how to do things.

An older version of the cheat sheet is available as PDF.

The cheat sheet is produced by and requires registering to get access.

Linux System Call Table

CTF | Datasets | x86

These websites provided an overview over the Linux systemcall interface by listing the syscall numbers, their meanings, and their arguments.

List of Chrome CLI Switches


Most command line switches of Google Chrome are totally undocumented in the offical documentations. This website offers a list of all known switches with a single sentence description of what they are doing.

List of crates that improves or experiments with Rust


The URLO thread has a very extensive list of Rust crates. The list contains good, more or less well-known crates, each with a tiny description.

Oh shit, git!


The website describes bad situations in git and how to solve them.

Git is hard: screwing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is fucking impossible. Git documentation has this chicken and egg problem where you can't search for how to get yourself out of a mess, unless you already know the name of the thing you need to know about in order to fix your problem.

Pin and suffering

Rust | Tutorials

In the Pin and suffering article the author fasterthanlime explains how to implement async functions in Rust. The article starts by implementing an async function and the problem of calling blocking functions. It continues with instructions how working with Pin and Unpin futures. At the end the article explains how all of the above can be done without using the syntactic sugar of async functions.

Python Cheat Sheets


Python Format String Syntax

Python | Tutorials

Format string overview for the old and new format string syntax in Python. It shows for each thing you might want to perform, the old syntax (if existing), the new syntax and the output.



regexr helps in understanding and writing regular expressions (RegEx). It takes a RegEx and explains the different parts of it. It also shows how the RegEx applies to a sample text.

Additionally, it contains a RegEx reference as well as a user supplied library of different RegExs.

Rust API Guidelines


The Rust API guidelines explain conventions around naming, interoperability, and documentation for libraries. It provides a helpful checklist for all important points.

Rust Cheat Sheets


Rust Cookbook

Rust | Tutorials

The Rust Cookbook describes tiny common tasks you might want to do and shows how to solve them in Rust. It introduces many usefull crates, which are widespread in the Rust ecosystem, but can also be used to look up solutions to common problems.

Rust Macro Railroad

Rust | Tools

Helps in understanding macro_rules macros by automatically generating syntax diagrams for them.

Rust Teaching Material


Ferrous Systems creates a large set of presentations explaining basic Rust concepts. They cover the basics like different Rust types, more advanced features like generics and dynamic dispatch, and also include a set of training assignments.

The presentations are all available on GitHub too:

Task-centered iproute2 user guide

Networks | Tutorials

Userguide for the newer ip command under Linux. The guide consists of different tasks one might want to perform and their corresponding ip commands.

Tcpdump advanced filters

Networks | Tools | Tutorials

The website contains different tcpdump filters. It starts with basic filters and then builds up ever more complex ones. This is a good source for looking up complicated filters, if one does not want to write them themself.

The Little Book of Rust Books


"The Little Book of Rust Books" provides a overview over other Rust books. It covers official books such as "the booK" or the cargo guide and also unofficial books like the Rust cookbook or the serde book.

VS Code Tips and Tricks

VS Code

This GitHub repository contains a collection of tips and tricks surrounding VS Code. Most tips and tricks focus on general usage for VS Code.

x86 Instruction Set

Datasets | x86 | CTF

These websites provide reference documentation of the x86 instruction set: