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APNIC Labs Stats

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APNIC gathers many statistics and offers them on their website. However, they provide way more data than it might initially look like, since many of the datasets are not linked from their main page.

BGP Looking Glass

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The website contains a list of hundrets of looking glasses for various autonomous systems. All looking glasses are publicly accessible.


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An open-source software framework for live and historical BGP data analysis, supporting scientific research, operational monitoring, and post-event analysis.

BGP streams are freely accesible and provided by Route View, RIPE, and BGPmon.

BGPStream (OpenDNS)

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BGP Stream is a free resource for receiving alerts about hijacks, leaks, and outages in the Border Gateway Protocol.

BGP Steam provides real-time information about BGP events. It includes information about affected IPs, ASNs, and even a replay feature how the BGP announcements changed.

A live alert bot also exists on Twitter.

Caida Datasets Overview

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Overview of datasets, monitors, and reports produced and organized by Caida. Also contains links to other datasets.

IP to ASN Mapping (CIRCL LU)

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Historical dataset about IP to ASN mappings.

IP to ASN Mapping (Cymru)

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Historical dataset about IP to ASN mappings.

List of Network Speed Tests

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Contains information for some networks about peering information. This includes peering partnes, transfer speeds, peering requirements and similar.


RIPEstat: Providing open data and insights for Internet resources

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RIPEstat is a network statistics platform by RIPE. The platform shows data for IP addresses, networks, ASNs, and DNS names. This includes information such as the registration information, abuse contacts, blocklist status, BGP information, geolocation lookups, or reverse DNS names. Additionally, the website links to many other useful tools, such as an address space hierarchy viewer, historical whois information, and routing consistency checks.


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vizAS by APNIC shows the connectiveness between different ASs split by countries. It is usefull to find the ASs which are most central in the graph.

WAND Active Measurement Project

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AMP is a system designed to continuously perform active network measurements between a mesh of specialist monitor machines, as well as to other targets of interest. These measurements are used to provide both a view of long-term network performance as well as to detect notable network events when they happen.

The project is run with a custom client and server software. The measurement results can be viewed on the website. It includes traceroutes, latencies (DNS, HTTP, ICMP, TCP), HTTP page sizes, and packet loss. The software is available as open source.