All about Amplification

AMP-Research: Amplification Research

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The AMP-Research project collects information about amplification vectors in protocols including reproduction possibilities. For each vector the port and protocol are listed, as well as, the amplification factor. A scanning script or payload for scanning with zmap is included too.

DDoS Mon

Datasets | Denial-of-Service | Networks

Provides a search interface to search for domain names and IP addresses under attacks. Shows results for the last 30 days. Provides an API, which requires special authorization.

List of Amplification Protocols

Datasets | Denial-of-Service | Networks

Contains a list of UDP-based protocols, which can be used for amplification attacks.

Netlab 360 OpenData Project

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The Netlab of provides some open data streams.

One dataset concerns the number of abused reflectors per protocol.

NetworkScan Mon

Datasets | Networks | Tools

Overview over IP addresses scanning the internet and which ports are scanned.

Transient Execution Attacks


The website shows ongoing DDoS attacks in real time. Attacks are shown with source and destination country. They have futher information, such as the used protocols and attack bandwidth.