Wildcard DNS for IP Addresses

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These services allow you to create a domain name for any IP address. The IP address is encoded into the domain name. An overview of different services can be found here.

Online Services

  • https://nip.io/ provides IPv4 only

    • Supports both . and - separators.
    • resolves to
    • 192-168-1-250.nip.io resolves to
    • customer1.app. resolves to
    • magic-127-0-0-1.nip.io resolves to
  • https://sslip.io/ provides IPv4 and IPv6

    • Supports both . and - separators.
    • Provides the ability to use the service with your own branding.
    • resolves to
    • 192-168-1-250.sslip.io resolves to
    • www.192-168-0-1.sslip.io resolves to
    • –1.sslip.io resolves to ::1
    • 2a01-4f8-c17-b8f--2.sslip.io resolves to 2a01:4f8:c17:b8f::2

Self-hosted Options

  • hipio is a Haskell service for IPv4.